Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from Dallas again.....notice a theme???

Yes, I am back again from Dallas for the last time this year. This was the third time I have been in Dallas since April. Think about it....that is at least 66 hours driving time. If only I was paid buy the mile!!!! I love Dallas and good ol' St Louis could learn a lot from Dallas about how to build a good highway system.

I had a great time in Dallas and I had some of my former clients stop in and say hello. But I did make a big fopaux, I had a couple stop in and I simple did not register that I had met them before and he was not happy I did not recognize them. I felt really badly but I do see thousands of people while doing shows and have hundreds ( think about all the Daily Series buyers) of clients. After they left, it clicked and I remembered them and as I recall he was not dressed in full business attire as he was this weekend. A little to late on my part. So if you are reading this....please know that I did feel badly.

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