Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comission Titled "Reflection"

I am very excited about my latest commission piece for a very nice gentleman named Tom. I met him at a show in Birmingham and we planned out this piece. It is five panels and the dimensions of each are 30x10. This painting will be hanging in his foyer with in the week.

I ended up having to put two coats of my high gloss on there and it looks fantastic. I had thin spots on my first coat. Sometimes that happens and I can kick myself for the mistake. The gloss I use is very expensive and little mistakes really cost me. But I do have to say the painting looks FANTASTIC with two coats on it. My family loved it. But since it was on the dining room table for a few days while it was finishing curing, they had no choice but to look at it. So in a way, I am glad they liked the piece or I might have have not been happy with the comments all week.

I spent way to long constructing a box for this piece. I hate making boxes but I did not have anything that would fit the dimensions of the painting. The box looks frighting but it will do the job. I dropped it off at Fed Ex on Monday and should be arriving at his doorstep on Wednesday.

We went camping for a few days this last week. It was a very nice change of pace. The kids (with life jackets on) played in the river for three days, we hiked, and had some great food prepared over the fires that Parker built. Verne's favorite meal was the couscous with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus and the kids I am sure would vote for the smores.

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