Monday, July 21, 2008

Weights and Ez-ups ( and all similar tent ez designs)

I thought nothing could frustrate me more than an easy up with out weights but....I have found something that agrivates me more. The information tent, that is manned and put up by the show directors themselves was not weighted. It is very fortunate that the tent did not wipe out the very nice woodcarvers tent. It landed only a yard away from his tent and would have surely caused a lost wall or a bent frame.

The cardinal Rules for ez-up easy down owners.

1. Invest in clamps - theses will help you in a rain storm
2. Always take your art out if there is a possibility of storms
4. Unique things that due work for rain - hula hoops - pool tube floats - See number 1. for the easiest soulution. Anything that will pull your tent top taught so water does not pool. The water fills up the top and drops your tent.

This seasons weather has been insain and anyone doing shows in the midwest have scene tons of distruction. Even the more heavy duty tents are going down. Please everyone ban together and demand your neighbors tent is weighted. Personlly, I can forgive a weighted tent for running into mine but an unweighted tent is unforgivable. Check out my bottom picture. They did not weight this lite-dome and it broke the poor neighbors tent. Sadly, most of their work was ruined.

I just got my happifeet ( heavy duty tent weights) and love them all except they were not designed for pro-panels in mind but I will figure out how to make it work. So if anyone is interested I will sell my PVC/concrete weights at a bargin price.


Jon Hecker said...

What a mess. Was this at a recent show? Which one? I agree everyone should be properly weighted. Hang on and have a great summer.

Spillar said...

Hi Jon,

I was just in one of the southern Chicago Suburbs this past weekend. It was not even a bad storm.

Hope to see you both in Memphis.


Jeane Vogel said...

Yikes! Glad nothing was hurt.

See you in Memphis!

Jacque Davis said...

Speaking of weights.... how much do you want for your PVC weights if you still have them. I have an outdoor show coming up.

Spillar said...

Four weights with handles for $20