Thursday, December 27, 2007


Here is my latest commission piece for a very nice lady I met at an Art Fair. I will be sitting on this one for a few months while it is drying. I like it so much that I am going to hang it over the fireplace in my dining room so I can enjoy it before it is shipped to it's new home in Florida. Usually, I hang the drying oils in the basement and that does not make for good viewing.

Now I am off to work on the other two commissions I have been sitting on. I am excited that I am getting to revisit my "Fly Fishing" Series for a couple in Dallas. This painting is in the middle stages and I hope to be finished sometime in the next week or two.

Plus, I have my most important commission to date to finish, my "Jay" painting. My sister in law has requested a painting in my late-nieces favorite color, blue. It has been the hardest to paint, my feeling are so caught up in this piece. Jessica was such an amazing girl, she had a way of bringing happiness to all those around her, simply put, she was a shinning star. To loose her at such an early age is hard to comprehend.

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