Thursday, December 20, 2007


Is a very long time to wait, but it's finally over. Verne has landed a full time gig. He has been freelancing and temping but you never knew when and how much was going to come in. I am mainly excited for the insurance and steady income that can be budgeted.

I could go on about how crappy insurance is for the self insured family. It's insanely expensive and doesn't cover that much. For daughter fell while skating and we thought she might have broke a bone. One emergency room visit and one x-ray is still going to cost us over $500 and we were insured. I knew it was going to be expensive and I am still irate that I had to even think about if we could afford it. My only thoughts should have been about my daughter and not about how little the crappy insurance would pay. Don't even get me started on cobra......$1200 a month was what we ended up paying until I could get this other lame insurance. Every time I submitted a claim in those two months was a NIGHTMARE. I had to even call about a strep test for my kids because they did not want to cover the cost.

I am happy to say that that my daughter's arm was not broken but she was in a good deal of pain for about a week. Lots of love and hugs helped make her feel better.

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