Friday, April 11, 2008

PTO President

Well my two year term as PTO president is winding down and I am getting rather excited. It has been a huge time commitment but I would not change a thing. I am so proud that I have taught my children the value of volunteering by my example, helped raise thousands of dollars for a Long family that lost everything in a fire and had no insurance, and the friendships that I have made.

By no means am I stopping my volunteering at school. I now get to pick and choose the things that interest me. I will be running the spring book fair. This is a perfect fit for me, I love to read, the kids think it's fun to help out, and this past year the spring book fair brought in enough money to buy over $3500 books for the school library and that makes me feel great. Plus, I was able to give books to every child that could not afford one.

In the past few months I have had emails from past high school and college buddies, I am sure not a single one of them would have ever thought that I would be the PTO president let alone even ever go to a PTO meeting. Well, I cannot blame them. I either was either in my insanely preppy self centered phase or was wearing combat boots, vintage June Cleaver dresses, with either purple or flaming red hair in various states of distress.

I have my glass held up high and I send a cheers out to all the volunteers out there. Volunteers make the world a better place one hour at a time.

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