Monday, September 10, 2007

I just finished a show in the Chicago area, and the high light of it having some former clients walk in. It would not have matter if they had bought anything or not, I was just so fun to see them again. It is nice to know that you and your art are appreciated enough that they would take a spec ail trip out to see you.

Neil and I did the show again and always find it a hoot when our art shows up in the same house. One of my clients bought a great shot of the famous Czech (forgot name)clock in Prague. So now I can add on another house that has both of ours.

Now I am just looking for the trifecta, that would be someone having Neil's, Sean's, and mine in the same home. Sean is a potter and he specializes in faces. He does a lot of shows with Neil and we end up in shows together from time to time. A perfect combination, paintings, photography, and pottery.

That's all I have for today. I have unpacked and will be packing again for St. Charles this weekend for a show. The best part of this is that I can get home every night. No hotels!!!! Sean will be at this show as well, but we will not see each other much. We both have our locations we like, and are not willing to move.


John Robertson said...

I am a painting student at Southeast in Cape Girardeau. I really like your work, and I have discussed it with my painting professor. It makes me think of the great abstract work of Gerhard Richter. You are in inspiration.

John Robertson

SKS said...

Thank you very much and what a compliment. I love and respect Richter's body of work.