Friday, March 28, 2008

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A few years back I loaded up on three more carbon monoxide detectors for our house. We already had one, but thought it best to get some more. While I was at the store I recall thinking, these are expensive and do they really work. Well, I can say YES they work and worth every penny.

Last Saturday, thankfully the kids were outside most of the day, I was in the house and feeling kind of funky. I just thought it was allergies. A little while later the CO detector went off. I quickly grabbed Homme my 19 year old cat, Clifford my yellow bouncy lab, and my cell phone. I ran outside and told the kids not to go inside and called the fire department. Then I went inside for Kato my 17 year old cat. Parker was almost in tears because of Kato. He loves Kato and sleeps with him every night.

The fire department came and checked out the house. They said I was the winner this year for how high the levels were. The fire department read 94 in our upstairs and the gas company was reading 150 downstairs ( were my studio is) near the furnace . Then the three fire men started staring at me and checked out my hands. They quickly called an ambulance. Thankfully we have great neighbors. Verne was not home yet, so I sent my two kids, crazy dog, and two cats to stay at their house until Verne go home. I am fine and spent a few hours in the emergency room on oxygen and I am back to normal. We did end up having my daughter checked out as well. The hospital took blood work and although she had levels of CO they were low enough so they cleared her to go home.

I now have a shiny new furnace and air conditioner. Plus, I now have heat in my studio. They put in a vent for me in my studio.

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