Monday, March 31, 2008

Daily 3-12-08

I am a little behind on photographing the Daily Series but am finally catching up. I really liked how this one came out. Verne loved this one and said I should do more like this.

I am turning 40 in less than a week and I really don't care about the number. Years ago I was told that I would really be upset and feel old when I became 40. Well, I don't.

I have always been under the impression that your age is relative to how you feel about life in general. Therefore, I still feel young, happy, and not old in the least.

Here's to celebrating my 40th birthday, Monday on a long nine hour drive home from Dallas. I will kick back, drive safely, and enjoy all my NPR pod casts "Wait Wait Don't tell me", "Science Friday", etc. and of course my usual loud music. I have to keep it loud to tune out my horrible singing!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am very excited to be starting my show season again. I cannot wait to be in Dallas again. It will be great to see all my friends again.

The "Beasty" ( my kids named my cargo van) is almost packed, oil has been changed, and AAA has been renewed. I am ready to take it for a drive. Hopefully, there will be no middle of the night water pump disasters this year. Thank you Cowboy and Neil for the repair. That is a story that will never be forgotten.

I mailed post cards about a week ago. If you didn't get one, please send me a email with your current address and I will put you on the mailing list.

See you all in Dallas


Friday, March 28, 2008

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A few years back I loaded up on three more carbon monoxide detectors for our house. We already had one, but thought it best to get some more. While I was at the store I recall thinking, these are expensive and do they really work. Well, I can say YES they work and worth every penny.

Last Saturday, thankfully the kids were outside most of the day, I was in the house and feeling kind of funky. I just thought it was allergies. A little while later the CO detector went off. I quickly grabbed Homme my 19 year old cat, Clifford my yellow bouncy lab, and my cell phone. I ran outside and told the kids not to go inside and called the fire department. Then I went inside for Kato my 17 year old cat. Parker was almost in tears because of Kato. He loves Kato and sleeps with him every night.

The fire department came and checked out the house. They said I was the winner this year for how high the levels were. The fire department read 94 in our upstairs and the gas company was reading 150 downstairs ( were my studio is) near the furnace . Then the three fire men started staring at me and checked out my hands. They quickly called an ambulance. Thankfully we have great neighbors. Verne was not home yet, so I sent my two kids, crazy dog, and two cats to stay at their house until Verne go home. I am fine and spent a few hours in the emergency room on oxygen and I am back to normal. We did end up having my daughter checked out as well. The hospital took blood work and although she had levels of CO they were low enough so they cleared her to go home.

I now have a shiny new furnace and air conditioner. Plus, I now have heat in my studio. They put in a vent for me in my studio.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy Schedule

Sometimes I feel like I am juggling all the time, I can see the end but cannot drop any of the balls yet. Verne has not been home for weeks, months actually. He has been working insane hours, sometimes 80+ these last few months. The hours should drop to normal in April but it has been tough.

Here are some of my balls I have been tossing around, raising kids, carpooling kids, PTO president ( that is almost over and anyone who knows knows, this takes lots of time. Second and last year of it), Parker's baseball practice, Anaïs' softball practice, painting, website design, babysitting the cutest baby on Monday and Tuesdays, babysitting a neighbors dog ( went home the other day) all household chores, and trying find more time to paint. I paint during school hours but need more time in the evenings and on weekends. But Verne is working during those times and my paint time has suffered.

On top of everything, I am still having eye issues. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Verne will be home soon, PTO is being passed off to a Mom that will do a fantastic job, and the baby I take care of will be home with her Mom. This is the one I am sad to give up. I have had so much fun taking care of this little one.

Time to toss some balls...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fly Fishing Series

I recently finished my latest commission piece. I was so excited to get this commission because I was able to reopen my Fly Fishing Series. I love LOVE LOVE painting these. The colors in this just are so ( I know a non-art term) happy. I will be delivering this to my Dallas clients in a few weeks and I am already sad it is going.

PS. Eyes are getting better ( not great yet), I can paint for much longer lengths of time.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

eye issues

OK. So I was so excited about lasik now I am having problems. Dry eyes, blurry vision, and a eye infection that has been with me for over two weeks. And before you ask.....yes, I have been in to see the Doctor and have another appointment on Monday.

Yes, I am still trying to paint but I am lucky enough to only work about every 15 minutes before I have to stop.

That's my story hopefully in a few days I can give a better report.