Saturday, September 13, 2008

CANCELLED Downers Grove

I am open for the rest of Saturday until 5 pm. All the other artist have left around me and the rest are. Packing up. I have no choice but to leave mysef at the end of the day

Please forgive me but I cannot update my website until I get home. As of right now it states I am open rain or shine both days. Well I am open today and it's raining. For anyone that comes out on Sunday please forgive me:( And I am truely sorry


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Jeane Vogel said...

Lakeview East was cancelled on Sunday so we all went home. I was willing to stick it out, but...

Pros stay until the end. Unless it's an emergency, I don't think there's any excuse for leaving a show.

You're a pro. You hang in there. See you in Louisville and Memphis?