Monday, September 29, 2008

Christian Louboutin and Atlanta

I Just got home from my very first show in Atlanta and I have to say....I left craving my dream shoes. I was amazed by how many women wore high heels. They even walked gracefully on the sidewalks you see in the picture. I could NEVER do that but I do dream of one day owning my very own pair of Christian Louboutin's. For those that know me and those whom have met me at shows, this should come as a huge surprise. I rarely ever put on makeup. I don't think I have worn any in three months and possible longer. I live in my trademark flip-flops and usually have a funky skirt on with a black shirt. That is my uniform most of the time when I am not painting. I do own one pair of basic black pumps that get me through weddings and funerals but they are bland, PAINFUL, and at about $60+ all I could afford. They do not make me feel like a princess when I put them on.

This lady was fantastic and we were talking in my booth about shoes and blogging. She was one of those women that would look elegant in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She looked amazing in a simple yet very chic dress and shoes. So she was gracious enough to give me a shoe pose. Thank you and my dream lives on.....either of these would do.
Triclo Crisscross d'Orsay

Mary Jane Platform

So.....if you were wondering why I chose black over all the other fabulous shoes, I will explain... If I was ever lucky enough to receive a pair I would want them classic so I could wear them forever. A nice classic to carry me over the years.......A silly dream for a tom-boy at heart.

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Jacque Davis said...

Your booth looks wonderful!

High heels and I do not get along at all!

The shoes you posted are beautiful however.